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Welcome to the BLOG08 web site

Blogging is no longer the domain of the geeky kid. With easy-to-use blog software, everybody can start their own publishing platform. Millions of people do so. Together these bloggers are changing the world, one post at a time. They are the rockstars of the web.

A rockstar without a stage is like... well, a rockstar without a stage. With BLOG08 we've offered a stage for some of the most inspiring bloggers around the world. Like Pete Cashmore from Mashable. Or Hugh MacLeod from Gapingvoid.

Thanks to everybody who attended. Please share your thoughts and findings with us, so we can use them when organizing BLOG09.

Welcome to the BLOG08 web site
The latest news about BLOG08

Thank you, rockstars

What a blast! I think it’s fair to say we lived up to the rockstar theme folks. You and 249 others rocked the Pakhuis de Zwijger the whole day.

We’ve been reading articles and tweets about BLOG08 all day and I think we can draw a few conclusions:

  • Dutch people aren’t into monetizing their blogs. Why would they? There are only 16 million people speaking the same language
  • The discussion about journalism vs blogging is never-ending, but only because we can’t stop talking about it
  • Blogging is hard work, really hard. Just ask Cashmore how he has built up Mashable (it concerns 4 hour nights and lots of coffee)
  • Loren Feldman thinks bikes from Amsterdam are too crappy to be true

Edial and I think have a lot to think about. And when we’re done with that, we’ll definitely share our findings with you. For now, enjoy these photos and a video of our BLOG08 band Love O.D (featuring speaker Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten).

Love O.D. - Funkalicious ft. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten from Love O.D. on Vimeo.

Last day before BLOG08

The very first edition of BLOG08, the most rocking one-day event dedicated to blogging, vlogging and the blogosphere, commences in exactly one day! Most speakers have arrived in Amsterdam today and are busy with their last preperations for their keynotes. There are also a few things you, dear visitor, can do to prepare for BLOG08:

Fill in your profile on the BLOG08 network account to meet up with other attendees to make appointments, introductions or whatever.

Use the #BLOG08 tag on Twitter to find other people who want to share their latest and greatest rock ‘n roll outfits and thoughts.

Send in your best blog tips to Patrick, check out the interactivity page to see on which topics you can contribute.

As Natasha from Amsterdam Weekly noticed earlier: Keep your eyes peeled for the Blog08 guitar picks being handed out as trinkets. See you tomorrow! Haven’t bought a ticket yet? There are still a handful left at the shop.

The latest news about BLOG08 The latest news about BLOG08
BLOG08 Speakers

Pete Cashmore
Pete Cashmore has built his own blog empire with Mashable, a blog about social networks. It ranks 10th in the world.

Hugh MacLeod
Hugh MacLeod from GapingVoid is a cartoonist and professional blogger, known for his ideas about Web 2.0 marketing.

Loren Feldman
Loren is an entertainer and videographer based in NYC. He comments on the tech industry on 1938media.com.

Tim Overdiek
Tim Overdiek is Deputy Editor-in-Chief at NOS News (Dutch national public broadcasting) and an avid promoter of blogging.

Boris van der Ham
Boris van der Ham is one of the most active Dutch politicians on the web. He is a member of the Dutch House of Representatives for D66.

Scott Rafer
Scott is a successful internet entrepreneur. He currently is the CEO of Lookery and previously of MyBlogLog.

Gabe McIntyre
Gabe McIntyre (aka GabeMac) is a pro Vlogger in Europe causing disruption with his videos. Currently host of Mobuzz.TV, he is a Bad Mother Vlogger...

Clo Willaerts
Clo Willaerts combines her job at Sanoma Magazines Belgium with blogging, nurturing her social networks and organising Brussels Girl Geek Dinners.

Nalden is an influential music and lifestyle blogger who managed to get a large following on the spectacularly designed nalden.net.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Boris is a serial entrepreneur. His most recent project is the successful Web 2.0 blog The Next Web.

Paul Bradshaw
Paul is the man behind the popular Online Journalism Blog and senior lecturer at Birmingham City University.

Piet Bakker
Piet Bakker is a professor at the Hogeschool Utrecht and a longtime blogger on free daily newspapers.

BLOG08 Host of the Day

Patrick de Laive
Internet entrepreneur Patrick de Laive is a true web enthusiast who knows how to give a conference that rock 'n' roll flavor.

Our Heroes
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